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Does anyone have a study or abstract regarding physical activity for extremely anemic patients?

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We have a patient with a hgb of 3.7, and Physical Therapy is wondering if there is any documentation regarding how much physical activity a patient in that condition can safely tolerate. There used to be a guideline at our hospital that patients with a hgb 8.0 or less should not be exercised, then we dropped that to 6.0 with the emergence of blood management, and now we have this 58 y.o. patient who seems to tolerate his anemia well and can walk with assistance for short distances without getting symptomatic.  Has anyone seen any research on how much physical activity an otherwise healthy anemic patient can tolerate? Our PT dept would like to do a presentation regarding this type of patient and what can be done to keep them conditioned.
asked Sep 12, 2012 in Conditions and Treatments by markeldredge (160 points)
retagged Sep 12, 2012 by LarryEitel

1 Answer

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During the 3 years I've been anemic, I have sung regularly, 2-3 times per week, for 2-3 hours at a time, at times, swam up to 200+ laps, ran/walked on a treadmill from 1-4 miles, stationary biked up to 11 miles, walked carrying heavy bags up and down hills 1-2 miles, pushed my cats in a double-decker stroller for 1-4 miles. My cats are part Maine Coon and my male is 3 feet long and weighed 15-20 lbs. ..I also pushed their food, supplies and my purse...No doctor ever talked to me..EVER about what type of exercise I should do, or how much. I just figured exercise was better than not. Our legs generate oxygen. I ate ice chips, drank water, took vitamin e, etc...My hemoglobin was at the lowest point outside hospital, 6, and inside, 3.9..Still exercised. The last 1 year I was on 624 mg. Of iron tabs because the doctor didn't want me to get under 10 as he didn't want to either make me go thru colonoscopy, or give me Procrit...once I got a new Dr. ...I had a colonscopy and Dr.found Caecal AVMs. Now my ferritin raised from 12-178 in 4 days!!! Exercise. It helped me live.
answered Nov 3, 2015 by 21stCentury (630 points)
It has been a little under a month since my AVM was repaired. My blood count is 10.9 and my ferritin fell from 178-75 in one week. I need ore Procrit, Procrit representatives have told me...when though my hemoglobin is above 10. My iron stores aren't stable. I felt like I was unsteady somehow, and still do. Mores than when my iron stores (ferritin ) were at 178. However, I took my daughter on a hike last week. We walked through a forest and hiked preserve wilderness, climbed sand dunes, and hiked the beach and back. Over two miles. I went to sing 2+hours , I am a soprano in a classical opera style of choir. I still had energy afterward. I rested the next dsy, but never got out of breath or in pain, etc. Exercise is good for us. Better to walk a trail that be chained to an iv.

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