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How long should a patient be given fluids after a large amount of blood loss?

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My mother lost a massive amount of blood one week ago. At last test her count was 4.9. She was given a large dose of Procrit right after the surgery. Doctors say she will receive more noxt week. She is also receiving iron, folic acid, vitamin C and b-12. They are giving her fluids every other day. Due to the need for volume, how often should she be given fluids?
asked Oct 18, 2013 in Conditions and Treatments by anonymous
retagged Oct 18, 2013 by LarryEitel

1 Answer

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The following is my opinion.

First is your mother still in the hospital? If so, how many blood tests are orderd for your mother.

The hospital setting , blood draws are the #1 cause of anemia.

Fluids are necessary to keep what hemoglobin she has, flowing, which helps keep the body oxygenated.

Fluids are also necessary to keep body hydrated as the body needs fluids to manufacture blood ( especially the plasma part ).

In your mother's case, her medical team is in the best position to answer your questions, if asked in an intelligent, non-confrontenial way.

That said, - those teaching people in the medical field state- 'ask questions & don't accept "standard one size fits all care"'
answered Oct 19, 2013 by pnutts (1,820 points)
Thanks for your help! My mother is still in the hospital. They have currently stopped all blood draws. The doctors are only giving her fluids every three days or so. They say that it will dilute her blood count. I will use the arguments you presented.
The doctors do seem to have a handle on your mother's case. Yes too much fluids can pose problems such as lower blood count plus one many never think of - if not used -where does that fluid go?

You have to disposs of it -so a trip to bathroom - bedpan, or catheter and that can be problematic and painful. Been there.

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