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      Xavier Soler -
      Centro Médico Teknon is one of the leading hospitals in the Spanish private healthcare sector, thanks to the high quality of its medical staff and care services in a setting that combines individual attention with the full support of the latest health technology.
      Centro Médico Teknon is run according to a rigorous culture of quality management aimed at providing the best treatment and patient satisfaction with the highest safety standards. Due to all of this it has earned for three times the prestigious accreditation from the US Joint Commission International, making it one of the few hospitals in Spain to have earned this distinction. www.teknon.es.

      One of the mainstays of Teknon is innovation and the ongoing introduction of the latest advances, achieved through the participation of specialists involved in research projects.
      The mission of the Centro Médico Teknon is to provide the finest medical services to our patients, in addition to ensuring excellence of care and compassionate attention.
      More than 400 top ranked specialists practice on our Campus, all with international training in their respective fields and the ability to attend patients in various languages. A total of more than 2,000 professionals are devoted to providing medical care, comfort and personalised service to the patients that choose us.

      The Teknon Medical Staff cover all medical and surgical specialties, including Oncology, Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Traumatology, Maxillofacial Surgery, Aesthetic/Plastic Surgery and Neurosurgery.
      Since its opening in 1994 it has offered a progressive approach to Bloodless Medicine and Surgery to patients requiring it. More than 2.600 of these patients have been treated and at present, we have been a reference center for the Jehovah's Witnesses in Barcelona for over 15 years.

      Last year Teknon decided to formalize this program by creating a Unit for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery with the goal of offering a progressive, non-blood approach to medical care in a supportive environment, respecting patient choice by being sensitive to patients who opt for non-blood medical treatment.

      Our Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Unit, has an operational structure, using an integrated team approach. Our highly skilled surgeons, anesthesiologists, hematologists and pathologists along with other specialists and support staff combine to produce this invaluable option of patient care.

      The team have developed clinical guidelines, protocols and training actions for physicians and nurses as well as other healthcare providers in order to train and educate all the involved personnel in Patient blood management.
      Recently, we have also been associated with NATA and SABM with the aim of deepening and sharing experiences in this field.

      Since the formal unit has been created more than 300 patients have been treated.

      Our Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Unit will also maintain its commitment to leadership in training and educating healthcare professionals in Patient Blood Management.

      As a result of this commitment, the week of 7th to 12th November we are planning to organize a “thematic week on Bloodless Medicine and Surgery” oriented to professionals and patients that are interested in knowing about the benefits of this type of program.
      At this point we would like to get in touch with you to see if we could count on your collaboration that could be applied to:

      • Assist in the diffusion of the conference through its network
      • Publicise the celebration of the week Thematic Bloodless Medicine and Surgery on its website

        We are also open to hearing any proposals , suggestions or ideas on the development of the conference or for their disclosure or spreading . All will be very welcomed by us

      We are sure that this could be an excellent opportunity for both institutions if we decide to collaborate; therefore we look forward to hearing from you soon.
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      thomas samuel -
      In a first of its kind, doctors at Sunrise Hospital, Kakkanad, here, have successfully performed a bloodless bowel surgery in a patient with profuse bleeding and a very low haemoglobin level of two gm/dl.
      The patient, M.A. Shaji from Kannamaly, referred from another hospital, was diagnosed with enteric fever and bleeding from small intestine.
      Though blood transfusion was necessary to correct haemoglobin and to perform surgery for arresting the bleeding, the patient and relatives have refused any form of blood and blood product infusion as they belonged to Jehovah’s Witnesses.
      However, despite being very risky, the team of doctors decided to do the surgery and could successfully complete it.
      Even in post-operative period, the patient was not given blood or blood products. Later, his haemoglobin level started going up and the bleeding completely stopped.
      The patient was discharged and healthy now with haemoglobin of eight gm/dl. Dr. R. Padmakumar, medical director of the hospital said that the surgery was the rarest of the rare and a surprise in medical history.
      “Not giving blood transfusion or blood products prior, during or after surgery to a patient with such low haemoglobin level has so far been unimaginable in medical profession,” he said.
      The team led by Dr. Padmakumar included Dr. Madhukar Pai, Dr. Sanjeev Thampi, Dr. Sreevalsan, Dr. Sheetal Binu, Dr. Rajeev Jayadevan and Dr. Sooraj.

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