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  • What are Fractions of Blood

    Definition <ol><li> Fraction: a component of a mixture that has been separated by a fractional process </li><li> Fraction: a small part or item forming a piece of a whole </li></ol> <h2> Albumin </h2><ul><li> Manufactured in the liver </li><li> Distributed through the body via the circulatory system </li><li> Sometime used to treat shock, or as a volume expander </li><li> Fractionated from the plasma of healthy human donor blood </li><li> Heat treated and generally considered sterile </li><li> We already consume it when we eat eggs or meat </li><li> It moves fluid from other tissues into the blood stream for volume expansion purposes </li><li> Passes freely between mother and fetus </li><li> Used in most recombinant (chemically reproduced) category of pharmaceutical products </li><li> If your faith normally objects to a "blood transfusion," this is considered a "conscience matter and a fraction" </li></ul><a name="Immune_Globulins"></a><h2> Immune Globulins </h2><ul><li> Various proteins that act as antibodies to infection </li><li> Fractionated from plasma of healthy human donors </li><li> Pass freely between mother and fetus </li><li> Used rarely for healthy patients </li><li> Most are familiar with RhoGAM (which contains immune globulins), given to mother"™s whose blood is incompatible with their babies. IMPORTANT for Rh-mothers! </li><li> May theoretically transmit disease, but they are treated to eliminate contamination where possible </li><li> If your faith normally objects to a "blood transfusion," this is considered a "conscience matter and a fraction" </li></ul><a name="Clotting_Factors"></a><h2> Clotting Factors </h2><ul><li> 13 substances produced mostly by the liver </li><li> Each acts as one step in the process of clotting the blood </li><li> Only Factors VII, VIII, and IX are available by recombinant (chemically reproduced) technology </li><li> Would be rare to need this in most people, but some have undetected clotting problems </li><li> Hemophiliacs are a good example of people lacking one factor </li><li> Come from plasma and not sterilized, therefore carries disease risk like transfusions </li><li> If your faith normally objects to a "blood transfusion," this is considered a "conscience matter and a fraction" </li></ul><a name="Platelet.2C_Plasma.2C_or_Hemoglobin_Derived_ Agents"></a><h2> Platelet, Plasma, or Hemoglobin Derived Agents </h2><ul><li> Hemoglobin Derived Agents: (sometimes referred to as "artificial blood") have not yet been approved for the healthcare market in the United States. This is a rapidly developing area of scientific development, new products being developed all the time. Hemoglobin agents may visually appear like blood </li><li> Various substances can be isolated from primary components (blood fractions) </li><li> Some products may be derived from human or animal blood </li><li> Many plasma-derived substances used in cardiac surgery are used to affect bleeding and may be lifesaving </li><li> NOTE: If you hear the expression "FFP", it stands for Fresh Frozen Plasma, and like platelets and red blood cells for those faiths that would refuse "Blood Transfusions," this would not be acceptable. </li></ul><a name="Tissue_Adhesives.2C_Gels.2C_Ointment"></a><h2> Tissue Adhesives, Gels, Ointment </h2><ul><li> Used rarely, but topically in some types of surgery; spinal surgery, total joint replacements, to reduce surface bleeding </li><li> Some of the products in this category are made by processing certain fractional parts of blood plasma, or platelets </li><li> Some of these products are reproduced chemically without "fractions" </li><li> Some of these products appear like powdery substance until mixed and applied </li><li> If your faith normally objects to a "blood transfusion," this is considered a "conscience matter and a fraction" </li></ul><a name="Cryoprecipitate"></a><h2> Cryoprecipitate </h2><ul><li> Mix of proteins and substances fractionated from plasma of multiple healthy donors </li><li> Rich in certain clotting factors </li><li> Not sterilized, may contain higher disease risk than normal blood transfusion, since it is taken from many donors </li><li> Given in emergency circumstances when bleeding cannot be controlled by other means </li><li> Comes from blood bank </li><li> Appears as a milky yellow substance </li><li> If your faith normally objects to a "blood transfusion," this is considered a "conscience matter and a fraction"; however, be aware that often cryoprecipitate is resuspended in 15 mL <a id="cwdoc122" href="content.php?r=228-Plasma" title="Plasma">plasma</a>, which would make it unacceptable for Jehovah's Witnesses. (See Definition at <a href="" title=""></a> ) </li></ul>
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