• How to Raise Your Hemoglobin

    Raising your hemoglobin count will ensure that your organs have enough oxygen and that you are properly energized.
    Keeping your hemoglobin count within the required parameters is essential for good health. Your bone marrow requires iron to produce a protein called hemoglobin. Hemoglobin binds oxygen to itself and transports it to the organs of the body, ensuring their optimum performance. When the hemoglobin count drops, it results in a condition called anemia. There are many reasons for anemia to occur, and correcting these will automatically raise your hemoglobin levels.

    1. Eat iron-rich meals. Have whole-egg omelets and iron-fortified cereals for breakfast. For lunch, load up on leafy-green vegetables such as spinach and artichoke, legumes such as beans and lentils and meats such as lean beef and liver. Have seafood dinners more often with clams and oysters. Add an iron-rich item to every meal.

    2. Load up on iron-rich snacks. Dried fruits such as prunes, apricots, almonds and raisins make excellent snacks that are rich in iron.

    3. Get more vitamin C, which helps in the absorption of iron. If you want to increase your hemoglobin levels fairly quickly, take a vitamin C supplement or have vitamin C foods such as broccoli, tomato and red peppers with every meal.

    4. Keep healthy herbs handy. Herbs such as basil, thyme and sage are rich in iron. You can grow these yourself in a kitchen garden or buy them at the store. Sprinkle these liberally in your cooking in pasta, sauces and even on grated cheese spreads.

    5. Take iron, folate and vitamin B12 supplements. In addition to getting your iron from natural sources, be sure to take an iron supplement every day. Your body also needs folate and vitamin B12 to effectively absorb iron. Take these supplements to speed absorption and increase hemoglobin levels.

    By Meena Valliappan, eHow Contributor updated: October 11, 2010
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    1. SCCame45's Avatar
      SCCame45 -
      Please, Post, as this supplement is balanced with iron-520 mg s.cerevisiae ; organic beet root 125 mg; vitamin c 60 mg whole oranges; folate 40 mg broccoli; vitamin B-12 6 mg S. cerevisiae!!!!! it is called Blood Builder, manufactured by Mega Food PO box 325 derry, nh 03038 call 1-800-848-2542 or online www.megafood.com...As previously stated, I am anemic, diagnosed 2011 with severe mennoraghia, 2 fibroid growths over 24 cms, awaiting total hysterectomy in Alberta Canada for more than a year, and i never had my hemoglobin over 99...with this diagnosis, suffering bleeding periods of 10-14 days, my blood hemoglobin level was 137 in May, and I am going for surgery earliest September...This supplement, not hard on bowel, no headaches, and has allowed me to start to walk distances, clean my home, not feel like my heart was jumping out of my chest...match this with gynecologist/surgeon that really asks all the right questions, and will adhere to new way of thinking, health is just a step away..please post this product for patients, anemic persons, that cannot tolerate iron, or get help with iron infusions, epo, option of cell salvage, etc...it costs 32.00 canadian, and i purchased it from Planet organic Calgary Alberta...thank you
    1. ShanaeM's Avatar
      ShanaeM -
      Okay. I just ordered this today based on your post and then on the reviews I found on the product after reading your post. My Dad and I are JWs and he has multiple myeloma. He is at the point where they are pushing a blood transfusion b/c his latest blood count reading was 5.3. So I will keep you updated. You should see a post after his next reading which will be on June 4. Not even the IV iron infusions and EPO are working as well. Thanks for your suggestion!
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