Perhaps not a blood subject, albeit I was questioned on my stand regarding blood transfusions etc. I had been diagnosed with bladder cancer. Suddenly I notice a redness in my pee [urine.] Being somewhat adverse to blood, I attempted to convince myself that. I have gust eaten a salad containing beetroot. At that point I really search for what were not there, explanations. Despite have been a traffic cop and so often seeing the claret. This time the red stuff was mine. So I braved it and went to my GP. He arranged a hospital appt. Suddenly things worked so fast.

I had an ultra scan, then a cystectomy. Mr Allen you have bladder cancer. Wow! Next a CT scan then into hospital for surgery. I believe the procedure is called Turbit. I was hospitalized for four days. I did have problems with the catheter, In time further inspections via cystoscoscopy I each time suffered post effects. Infectin and pain. The last est. I ran a very high temp. 104f and began to hallusinate, seeing grotesque faces coming out of the walls. I cancelled further consultations. Was right or wrong.