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Thread: Treatment of Blood Clots that are breaking up

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    Al Zaragoza

    Treatment of Blood Clots that are breaking up

    We have a patient in a hospital who has blood clots located at the bilateral groin regions. They were pretty large and are now starting to break up and circulate. The docs have started the patient on heparin and Coumadin. H and H is stable. The doctors, however, say that many blood draws (adult tubes) are necessary over the next four to six hours or so. When pediatric tubes are mentioned, they are resistant to that. Is there anyone out there who has managed this successfully? Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    All of our tubes are "smart draw tubes" (pulls less than a pediactric tube) except for one, which I think is a clotting test. It might be worth while to see to check with a vascular surgeon to see if putting in a filter would be appropriate, then you could back off some of the blood thinners. That is what we have done on several cases. yvette
    Yvette Bunch

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    Al Zaragoza
    Thank you very much. That was very helpful.

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    please help

    Im taking coumading for blood thinner, i have a blood cloth on my right lung and besides i have breast cancer...been in blood thinner for me i think is been worse than having cancer itself.I got the cloth the next day after surgery, been in the hospital twice for 10 days because my irn is been like yoyo, just up and down!!! I been goig to accupunture for a while, a really good doctor.He sugested i start a chinesse herb call {san qi } or notoginseng, i did my own research and it seems to be a really good anticugulant, at the same time im a little scared to get of coumadin and start this new tratment.....Anyone who ccan help me this??? or sugestion please!!!

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