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Thread: Piccolo blood analyzer

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    Piccolo blood analyzer

    Does anyone have opinion on Piccolo blood analyzer from Abaxis Corp? Why doesn't this product have greater acceptance rate with doctors?

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    Point of Care Testing

    There are reimbursement issues. Also there are control issues...meaning laboratories set up protocols and care pathways. They provide the control to insure accuracy. There is more to providing tests than getting the numbers. The numbers must be entered into the computer system and the test must be billed to someone. If the nurse does the test the laboratory is not involved with the billing cycle etc.

    Without the lab protocols there is also a question of liability. You have heard of malpractice right?

    Point of care tests are good for some things. In the ER when an immediate picture is OR or the ICU the same applies etc.

    I am certain others can explain it better than me but this will give you something to think about in the mean time.
    Mr. Jan B. Wade

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