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Thread: Hysterectomy due to fibroids and heavy bleeding

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    Exclamation Hysterectomy due to fibroids and heavy bleeding


    My mother has a very small uterine fibroids in her uterus (about the size of a thumb) but it is causing heavy bleeding. She already had D&C to rule out cancer and check what is causing the bleeding.
    During the D&C, the doctor almost transfuse blood to her (because she forgot that we are Jehovah's Witnesses). After the D&C, the doctor suggested that if the bleeding don't stop, she needs hysterectomy.
    If in the D&C, she has high risk in blood transfusion, is there a greater risk of blood transfusion if she had hysterectomy?
    What preparation should we do before the operation to lower the risk of transfusion.
    Are there other alternatives aside hysterectomy?


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    There may be another option besides a hysterectomy. I had my uterine fibroids embolized. That is basically an outpatient procecure. I was observed overnight. Down time is much less than major surgery. As far as a hysterectomy, she needs to choose her doctor carefully. That is where a center with a bloodless program would come in handy. Physicians are trained in better blood conservation techniques. I would also check to see if your mother was taking a blood thiner, or medication or herbs that could have contributed to her bleeding more.
    Yvette Bunch

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    Uterine bleeding and fibroids

    Several things to check with the physician about and also ask what her present hgb is.
    1. Hormone pills, IV or a special injection (we use lupron depot here in the US) to stop the bleeding.
    2. Can the interventional radiologist go in and stop the bleeding by plugging a vessels with a type of medication and cutting off circulation to that vessel?
    Elora Thorpe RN BSN
    Blood Conservation Program
    St. Luke's Hospital of Kansas City
    Kansas City, MO. 64111

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    I would also have her physician run a CBC ( complete blood count ) to check her Hemoglobin and hematocrit and platelet count. If she bleeds alot during her D&C or if she has a history of bleeding heavy or easily I would follow-up with a hematology consult to rule out a clotting factor deficiency.
    If her lab results indicate anemia I would pre-tx 1) replete iron stores
    2) boost up RBC count with EPO.

    Hope all goes well

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    Red face Bleeding disorders and Cayanne pepper use

    May I suggest the use of red cayanne pepper. You may use it in your salads. Use 1 tsp. to 6 oz of water. It works as if it was cartirising the area affected without leaving scar tissue. You can make your own capsules. Pack the cayanne in the capsules you can buy from any natural herb store. By the way, it also cleans your blood and leaves no scar tissue. Yes, I have used it several times as I have a bleeding disorder. I was careful not to tell the doctors what I had done to protect them. Then when in sx one of the nurses asked if anyone smelled any cayanne. The Doctor of mine said he would ask me about it. I used it daily for 4-6 weeks prior to surgery. Because it is not recommended by the AMA the doctors hands are tied as to its use. However, ours are not. You can even pour it on an open wound and it will start clotting immediately. Remember, it leaves no scar tissue; however, it will burn like old mitholate. Take your capsule with bread. There is more information to be found on the subject in herb booklets on that subject. Hope this helps. It will also slow down heavy periods. Warm Regards, Margot

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    Hysterectomy due to fibroids and heavy bleeding


    Thank you for your suggestions. The doctor gave my mother an operation date, Dec. 28. The CBC was done and she was a little anemic, her homoglobin and hematocrit was a down by 1 or 2 only from the normal count so the doctor gave her clearance to forego surgery. As the operation date is nearing, the bleeding just stopped without any medications. She requested to postpone the surgery and since the bleeding stopped, would like to try other options that won't require surgery. By the way, the fibroids is just so tiny, according to the doctor, the major reason she was bleeding was because of endometrial hyperplasia or thickening of the endometrium. My mother would like to try gnRH injections to see if this will work. She is 46 anyway and would just like to wait for her normal menopause. We will see the doctor next week.

    Thanks again

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