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Thread: The Blood Fractions Guide

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    I spoke with Elizabeth moments ago and showed her how to post her comments directly on the noblood wiki. She mentioned that she hesitated to post there because she thought that we have a closed group that is working on this project.

    Let me assure everyone and anyone is welcome to participate. Please read our revised Mission Statement.

    Take a look now at the comment she posted here. Thanks Liz!!!!!!!!

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    no blood fraction medicine update

    big hello this is margaret reeve i signed with dpa ithink i made spelling mistake hemanitics not want give donor i mean vitamins use of when i am in hospital like potassium or b12 etc please fix the spelling for me i know the hemin for anemia "the horse " vitamins for medicine eergency no blood i have asthma

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    Hi Jonell,
    May I please share my experience with you. It took me many years to come to terms with "fractions". I had reasoned that man could scientifically do anything to circumvent Jehovah's law on prohibition of blood.
    This is how I was reasoned with if I may share without offending your conscience but to educate your conscience as mine was.
    Some would refuse anything derived from blood (even fractions intended to provide temporary passive immunity). That is how they understand God's command to 'abstain from blood'. They reason that his law to Israel required that blood removed from a creature be 'poured out on the ground.' (Deut 12:22-24) Why is thgat rekevabt? Well, to prepare gamma globulin, blood-based clotting factors, and so on, requires that blood be collected and processed. Hence, some Christians reject such products, just as they reject transfusions of "whole blood or of it's four primary components".
    Let's consider this: Other Christians decide differently. They too refuse transfusions of "whole blood", red cells, white cells, platelets, or plasma. YET, they might allow a physician to treat them with a "fraction" extracted from the "primary components". One Christian may accept a "gamma globulin" injection but, he may not agree to an injection containiug saomething extraced from "red or white cells". OVERALL, though, what might lead some Christians to conclude that they could accept "blood fractions"?
    (They could contentiously accept because the fraction is STERIL, and they would not be sustaining life, therefore not fgeeding on "fraction"!
    Consider June 1, 1990 WT "Questions from Readers which noted that plasma proteins (fractions) move from a pregnant woman's blood to the separate blood system of her fetus. Thus a mother passes immunoglobulins to her child, providing valuable immunity. Separately, as a fetus' red cells, complete their normal life span, their oxygen-carrying portion is processed. Some of it becomes bilirubin, which crosses the placenta to the mother and is eliminated with her body wastes. Some Christians may conclude that since blood fracgtions can pass to another person in this natural setting, they could accept a blood fraction derived from blood plasma or cells. (So this process passes without contamination-Science caught up with creation) Otherwise this process would be going completely against Jehovah's own law according to Deut 12:22-24.
    This helped me to stop acting on emotion with regard to God's law. Now I am free to reason with an educated conscience. I hope this helps you to make your own decision. Remember "fractions are STERIL" otherwise if part of whole blood they would have to be "tagged".

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    Please forgive the misspelling. Tend to a 91+ gravely ill mum and concentration broken while writing.

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    Hi the link to is not longer working
    or at least it asks for username and password[
    Does anyone have a copy of the Blood Fractions Guide they can send me or a working link?
    Welcome to the Blood Fractions Guide

    Considerable confusion exists around the subject of blood fractions: What are they? How are they produced? What pharmaceutical agents are these products to be found in? Why is the doctor prescribing them? Are there alternatives?

    In line with our Mission to investigate, discuss and report the latest techniques in blood conservation and alternatives to blood transfusions, this new feature will address the many questions surrounding blood fractions. The Fractions Guide will endeavor to answer these questions by providing as comprehensive a list of fractions and relevant pharmaceuticals as possible and then inviting discussion on the subject.

    Dr. Patricia Ford, renowned hematologist and Director of the Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery at Pennsylvania Hospital, has kindly agreed to be a medical advisor to this project. Her role will be to ensure that all medical explanations are clear and accurate. We would like to thank Dr. Ford for her participation.

    Whether you are considering implementing an advance health care directive that states your wishes as respects treatments containing blood fractions, or are just someone who is curious about them, this Guide will provide a valuable resource.

    We anticipate lively discussion on this subject, but it needs YOUR participation. We will ALL get out of it what YOU put in!


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