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Thread: Any JW Nurses That Can Offer Input?

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    Question Any JW Nurses That Can Offer Input?

    Hello -

    I am a JW and have just recently began attending nursing school. I am wondering how any who are Witnesses and in the nursing field handle it when they are caring for a patient who has a BT ordered. I realize that this is probably a conscience matter, but would appreciate your experience and input....

    Your Sister in Alaska-

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    I've been asked this question a number of times. At my hospital it is acceptable for staff to indicate if there is a procedure that they object to because of ethical, moral or religious concerns. In such cases the employee must inform their supervisor in advance. There is a possibility that the supervisor has no alternatives and the employee may have to transfer to a department were the request can be honored. It is important than to make sure you are working in an area with other nurses who can take on this responsibility. When I was in bedside nursing, I also made it a point to speak with the other nurses in the department so they were aware of my religious objections to being involved in starting a transfusion. I told them that I would be happy to do something for them if they would take care of starting the transfusion. You will have your best success if you are up front and you discuss it before a situation arises. Make sure they understand that you will in no way interfere with the transfusion. (I did have one nurse get very upset because she thought I would deny the patient the ordered transfusion. Once I clarified my intent she was OK.)

    I wish you the best and welcome to the forum.


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    As a nursing student and as you enter your career, you will find that there are many ethical and moral dilemma's that you will face. Certainly as a Witness, you will have to come to terms with your own conscience in regard to blood/blood product administration. Todd has given very good advice and shared how he handled his conscience with his colleagues. I can share with you that I have administered blood/blood products taking into consideration that this is the patients decision and it is ordered by a physician and not by me. If able, I would confirm with the patient prior to administration that the treatment was acceptable to them. As a Christian there are many behaviors I choose not to engage in however it doesn't mean I can stop others from making their own choice. Utimately you have to decide how you feel about this and you will have a choice of where you practice as a nurse. There are many opportunities available to be in a setting where blood transfusion is not an issue.

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    Alexander Perez

    JW Nurse - conscience matter

    This is a conscience matter. I recommend you look up information in the Watchtower CD or Index. There is good information on this in the following article: w99 4/15 pp. 28-30 Questions From Readers.

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    I agree that it is a conscience matter. I would caution you, though, to be careful about discussing the matter with others if you decide your conscience allows you to administer blood. There are some Witnesses who will feel very negatively about that; I found through experience to try to avoid those sorts of discussions. The Society says it's up to the individual...that should suffice.

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    Thank you!

    Thank you for all of your responses - I'm not sure yet which way I will go - this nursing school schedule is so hectic, I barely have time to wash my hair, much less give anything like this the serious thought it deserves - but all of your comments were helpful - I'll check out that article, too!


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    Article re: Related Subject

    Just found this article on - thought I would add it here in case anyone wants to read it.


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    policy v conscience

    leviticus 14;21 contains an interesting point to think about when dealing with this situation, also i wouldn't broadcast your decision to others in the cong as it is a personal matter. as a student nurse myself i have been in several situations where i was asked to administer blood but there was allways someone else to do it and i simply exchanged tasks with the other nurse. i made my instructer aware of my preference not to hang blood and it was not a problem. hope it helps

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    Erica, After graduation perhaps you can work in an area that doesn't put you in this situation. I am a nurse anesthetist whose duties would include administering blood during surgery. Since I found it objectional to give a patient something that I knew could be harmful to the patient, I simply chose to work in an out-patient surgery center where the surgeries were so minor that no blood was even in the building. Of course, you have not only your own conscious to contend with but the legal aspects as well. Whatever you decide the above advice to not discuss it in the congregation is well worth remembering.

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    My advice to you is to not go against your conscious, and work in an area where you do not have to give blood, Your co workers regardless of the fact, that they are educated to accept the religious and cultural ideas of others, will not. You will be the target of persecution and it’s not worth it. Go into an area where you do not have to deal with this issue. If you do decide to exercise your free will and give blood keep it to yourself, We all have to work out our own salvation with trembling,

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