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Thread: J.W hospital policy

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    Lightbulb J.W hospital policy

    I am just updating my J.W policy for the trust I work and and would like to see if there is anyone willing to share there's with me. Or give me some advice?
    I want to make sure I can prepare J.W for surgery so I am starting a kind of clinic that they come and meet with me, a consultant Haemotologist, Surgoen and Aneasthetist to dicuss there wishes and what they would be willing and want accept! Does anyone else do this? If so any advice will be greatly appriciated.

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    What you are describing is what many program managers do as a matter of everyday function. Meeting with patients well ahead of time accomplishes many goals: the patient is educated about their options and helped to document their individual choices. Based on what they agree to, you can then make a plan of care that includes whatever treatment choices apply to their case. Including anesthesiologist, surgeon and other appropriate clinicians is a bonus. Kudos to you if you manage to make that happen! Many of us find that the most difficult part is getting your hands on the patient early enough. Referrals from physician offices in a timely fashion takes cooperation from office staff and docs. Building relationships with these players is worth the effort because everyone sees the great outcomes from early and appropriate interventions. You might consider holding some community outreach seminars for the Witness community. Once they see how valuable your service is, they will call you directly prior to hospitalization. Sending out informative newsletters explaining how the process benefits them is another way to get the word out there.
    Jo Valenti, RN, BSN

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