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Thread: Use of blood prior to epidural??

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    Use of blood prior to epidural??

    A pregnany mother is to have a breach delivery shortly. I have been told that the gynaecologist wants to swab the area where the epidural syringe is to be inserted with some of the mother's blood. Has anyone ever heard of this procedure? What possible benefit could it have?

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    Given that any surgical site is treated to become a sterile field (betadine swabs and alcohol), and the fact that the woman's blood will NOT be sterile thereby containating the field and creating a potential source of infection with the venous puncdture, I think you have heard something incorrectly.

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    Epidural Patch

    I agree you must have misunderstood. I believe you are describing the epidural patch that is applied AFTER the epidural needle is withdrawn to prevent fluid leak which can lead to a terrible headache.

    Here are a couple of links to some information -
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