Novoseven: to avoid brain haemorrhage deaths

Novoseven: to avoid brain haemorrhage deaths Express News ServicePune, July 29: CONSIDER this: Paul Jackson (name changed) hailing from New Zealand met with a life-threatening accident near Panvel. He was admitted in the Intensive Coronary Care Unit (ICCU) at Leelavati Hospital in Mumbai. He was bleeding profusely, had a massive haemorrhage that had to be stopped to save his life. The doctors had tried blood transfusion and blood products as fresh frozen plasma (FFP) and cryoprecipitates (a blood fraction used to treat deficiencies of Factor VIII — a key factor in the process of blood clotting, the lack of which causes Haemophilia A — Factor XIII — another haemeostatic factor which plays a crucial in stoppage of blood flow through blood vessels — and fibrinogen). But even then there was no reduction in the bleeding for more than 48 hours. The doctors then administered Novoseven (brand name) and amazingly within two hours the bleeding stopped. Speaking at the keynote address of Continuing Medical Education (CME) programme on ‘Recent advances in management of haemorrhagic disorders’ at the Armed Forces Medical College, haematologist Dr M B Agarwal said that the Novoseven’s proper administration might drastically reduce the chances of death from haemorhage. He said that 50 per cent of the deaths occur due to haemorrhage. Novoseven has also proved to be effective during intra-cranial haemorrhage.