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    NoBlood Bulletin eNewsletter Text Ads

    NoBlood Bulletin eNewsletter Text Advertising

    • Reach healthcare professionals and others interested in blood management and avoidance who subscribe to the NoBlood Bulletin eNewsletter. In addition to approximately 3,500 subscribers, the current issue of each issue of the NoBlood Bulletin is available online to NoBlood visitors and is highlighted as the current issue throughout NoBlood until the next issue is released.
    • Past issues are archived and available to all future visitors and are easily found in our archives and through searching NoBlood by keyword.
    • Each Sponsor gets a short description and link below the table of contents and a full text ad in the body of the newsletter.
    • 80 words or less

    • $200 per issue.

    Larry Eitel
    (858) 866-9311
    Make payments to

    Bloodless Healthcare International, Inc.
    Advertising Department
    2609 Vargas Way
    Redondo Beach, CA 90278
    VISA / MasterCard / Paypal via Paypal at:
    Right to Refuse Any Advertising

    Bloodless Healthcare International, Inc., ("the Publisher") reserves the right to refuse any advertising it deems inappropriate for the Site. The Publisher does not assume responsibility concerning advertisers, their positions, practices, services, or products.

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    Thank you.

    Larry Eitel
    President & Webmaster

  2. New Feature! NoBlood Answers!

    • ASK questions regarding Transfusion Alternatives and Patient Blood Management.
    • SHARE your facts, opinions and personal experience.
    • DISCOVER the best answers chosen by Healthcare Professionals and the Public.
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    ABC's revisions to our website are finally complete. We also have made some changes in our leadership. We'd like to make this info available to everyone who is interested in bloodless/blood conservation by drecting them to our website.
    The cost is $200 to advertise in one NoBlood Bulletin eNewsletter, is that correct? How long will it be available for public view? I'm seriously thinking about doing this. Will need to get board approval.
    Karen Scalici

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