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Thread: Hemoglobin 4.4

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    Hemoglobin 4.4

    Hello, Iím writing to get some guidance and suggestions regarding a family member who is currently in Vanderbilt University Medical center in the Medical Intensive Care Unit. He was admitted with a hemoglobin count of 4.4 and Hematocrit count of 14%. This condition was caused by two ulcers located in the upper GI tract. . A scope was used to determine the ulcers and also to administer several shots of adrenalin. It appears that the bleeding has subsided. However due to the high risk of mortality operation is rejected as well as cauterizing. The patent has been given erythropoietin, albumin, and is hopefully going to start iron therapy. Vanderbilt indicates that they donít have a hyperbaric chamber. They have been accommodating regarding the patents desire to abstain from blood transfusions. However the patents blood oxygen level is low as well as his respiration. Although the staff is respecting the patients wishes to abstain from a blood transfusion this is the only therapy the will suggest. All other treatments (EPO, Iron Therapy, HBO) have been suggested requested by the family. Does anyone have any guidance or suggestions of what else we might need to be asking about?
    With Warm regards

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    You might try checking this NoBlood thread from earlier this year:
    Jan Grossberg, RN, BSN
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    I should also mention that the patient is an otherwise healthy male and 39 years old.

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    To make sure the bleeding has stopped, it would be smart to give him a shot of NovoSeven and be sure to keep up the high doses of EPO and Iron is necessary for the EPO to work. Folic Acid will help along with a B-Complex vitamin. And above all be patient. If this patient is one of Jehovah's Witnesses please involve the Hospital Liaison Committee.
    Jim Laws

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