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Thread: A doubt about blood fractions…

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    A doubt about blood fractions

    Someone asked me yesterday if it's possible to get any infection or disease with the use of any medication or treatment containing any of the blood small fractions, the same infection risk that exist with the complete blood transfusion or its components. Anyone could give me related information?
    Jorge Gutierrez.

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    The answer is yes and no...depending on the fration ...and process...Please see the thread "Are there any risks associated with blood fractions?"

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    Fractions and Disease

    Just a short answer-if you can't find the thread. Almost all fractionated products are heat-treated or sterilized by a specific process, the only one I am currently aware of is Cryoprecipitate. Heat would inactiviate the effectiveness of the medication. The production of this medication utilizes units of fresh frozen plasma, that is allowed to thaw, then is place in a centrifuge to "spin" at the correct force to form a "buffy" coat and then harvest the clotting factors that precipitate out of the buffy coat.

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