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Thread: Hemoglobin count

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    Hemoglobin count

    Is there a number that is generally accepted as to when a trnsfusion should be consudered?
    I just had a local hospital tell me they use 10.
    That seems high.

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    Hemoglobin count

    For starters, this article posted by Jan Wade might help (search NoBlood using "hemoglobin hematocrit"):
    Jan Grossberg, RN, BSN
    Editorial Team

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    FYI from the article mentioned above

    "Based on audit results showing the hospital had room for improvement in the area of red-cell transfusions, Lee Memorial’s Dr. Reardon began educating the medical staff about the Transfusion Requirements in Critical Care, or TRICC, trial (Hebert PC, et al. N Engl J Med. 1999; 340:409–417). That study showed using a hemoglobin of 7 g/dL as a transfusion trigger in critically ill patients produced just as good or slightly better outcomes than a more liberal trigger of 10 g/dL, Dr. Reardon says."

    I wonder how informed the person making statement is and whether they know the facts. If the hospital is indeed transfusing at 10 g/dL they are in violation of common practice.

    All the best.
    Mr. Jan B. Wade

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