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Thread: Future Action

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    Future Action

    I'm becoming a JW so you know my position on blood. I had successful valve replacement surgery three years ago and presently doing very well. Nevertheless I'm aware/apprehensive of future medical activity. Any advice or thoughts will be appreciated.

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    Welcome - Search, Read, and Learn!

    Hi - it's great to have you as a new user/member on the site. is the best site on the web for learning about your nonblood treatment options in relationship to many types of situations and possibilities.

    I encourage you to read as much as you can, look up words or phrases you don't know or understand, keep reading and searching, and ask questions about specific things that may be on your mind. The Wiki articles are extremely helpful, with so much detailed explanation. The forums here on the website are chock full of articles (some very technical and some very easy for a lay person to read) and suggestions and ideas, as well as real-life experiences.

    You will benefit greatly from using this resource in your life as a person in general with health problems and specifically as one of Jehovah's Witnesses with health problems. That latter fact is what will make the information you gather here so much more valuable because of the Bible-based commands and principles you adhere to related to your faith.

    And for all of us, the more knowledge and understanding we gain when not facing a crisis situation, the easier it will be to make decisions so that we can be prepared when/if faced with further issues related to our health.

    Again, welcome to the site!
    Debbie D. Holder
    Editorial Team

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