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Thread: long term effects of transfusion?

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    long term effects of transfusion?

    Hi, newbie non-professional with a question: I have received stored blood transfusions following postpartum or miscarriage hemmorhage 3 times (in 11 years). I have been diagnosed with impaired adrenal function, which is undoubtedly the main cause of my often overwhelming fatigue, but I have a recurring symptom which seems to indicate my cells aren't receiving enough oxygen. I often get that "lactic acid" burn feeling when simply walking around thehouse, going up a few stairs, etc. in my muscles, as well as shortness of breath. I'm curious as to how stored blood functions in the body long term, and what if anything, I can do to improve my blood oxygenation. I'm responsible for a large family and need all my energy! Thanks!


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    long term effects of transfusion

    Since the life span of a red blood cell is only around 120 days, those that you received in your past transfusions are long gone from your body (unless you just recently had the transfusion). The symptoms that you are describing may very well be a result of poor cardiac conditioning (ie-you're out of shape/sorry, don't mean to offend!). Just because a person is running around after a busy family doesn't mean that you are getting a good cardiac workout. Might want to think about starting a regular exercise program--one that will give you an aerobic workout. You'll be amazed at how much more endurance you'll have after a few weeks, and this should help with the lactic burn and shortness of breath. It's always a good idea to check with your personal physician before starting any exercise program.

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    Chimerism's are other people's WBC's from transfusions of RBC's that can live in the new host for years causing Immunosuppression.
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