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Thread: Is it illegal to search for Advanced Medical Directives in purses, pockets or wallets

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    Exclamation Is it illegal to search for Advanced Medical Directives in purses, pockets or wallets

    Excuse me if this has been posted before. I don't have much time to do a search and this thread seems conducive to this problem:

    I have recently learned that NOBODY is legally allowed to search purses, pockets, or wallets for the Advanced Medical Directives in the state of Washington. (Don't know if this is nationwide or not.) Did any of you know that the unconscious person MAY have one but it has not been found?

    This came to my attention after the wheelchair-bound, sometimes-confused father of someone being sent to this area for quality affordable Alzheimer's care was 'lost' by the airlines, ended up in another state, and was eventually sent back to Alaska. All this time he had ALL the necessary contact information in his shirt pocket with phone numbers to call for answers to questions but the airlines said they were not allowed to look in his pocket!

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    Cool As An Emt We Are No Able To Do That

    But a policeman that comes to the scene, can do that if asked, by the medical personal on site . It may have changed or be different in other States or Counties { I live in bucks County Pa. 19030 } check your local laws .....ALL THE BEST

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