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Thread: Blood Platelets

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    Blood Platelets

    Has anyone had success in raising blood platelets before surgury?

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    Raising Platelet Counts before surgery is not an easy task. However time is on your side if you don't have an impending surgery. Read up on the thread "Raising Platelet Count". It contains quite a bit of information including some of the drugs that raise platelets such as Neumega, Eltrombobag, & Prednisone. There are also some links that will help out with more information about these drugs.

    Type it in the search section of this website.

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    Thank You for your suggestion

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    Bloodless surgery was originally designed to serve patients who refused blood transfusions for religious reasons, but it will take on a wider role in the future, as more surgeons adopt these techniques.

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    Hi Selmore,
    I have only recently started to research this so I do not have a lot of information.

    Let me tell you the story.

    When working in a burn unit, it was notable that 200 mcg of selenium was given daily to the burn patients.

    Some but not all docs gave the same to my prostate cancer patients. Likewise other prostate surgery patients got it.

    Then I went to a lecture on something unrelated. The Phd at my hospital employer mentioned selenium regarding something else. I met with her asking why. She would not tell me but led me down a path to start researching it.

    Turns out, it is not the selenium that is the hero of these stories. It is a tri-peptide that is in every cell in our body.

    Here is the catch. The things I am finding are not the focus of the studies but are results of the studies none the less.

    Boosting your Glutathione (GSH) will boost your red blood cell count. At the same time it helps you heal faster and keeps you healthier. This is because GSH is in every cell in our bodies.

    It acts as an androgynous antioxidant, master detoxifier, and immune buster.

    So, if you look at disease processes you will see a drop of GSH.

    In HIV/ AIDS GSH is the marker that tells how far it has progressed.

    Many studies show that boosting GSH resolves many problems.

    Only thing, you cannot take GSH. Only our lungs will absorb it. Otherwise we need to take the building blocks. Selenium is an essential mineral that acts as a co-factor.

    I teach my patients to take 2 Brazil Nuts a day. Each has 100mcg.

    You need at least about 50 and no more than 400 per day.

    To get the other building blocks, for starters, make some dietary changes.
    The Glutathione Disease Cure, Health Wellness, Anti-aging, Natural Cure Resource will have many considerations.

    Also avoid the chemicals that can inhibit your desired result.

    Only organic milk. Most commercially produced milk has prolactin. It is a growth hormone.

    No fluoride or chlorinated water.

    No artificial sweeteners including splenda. There are numerous anecdotal stories some of which I have spoke to either doctors or patients who are witnesses of the complications.

    Try, and this will be hard, to avoid MSG. It is in almost everything.

    This will get you started. Contact the webmaster of the above website and you can get more specific information.

    Best wishes and good health to you.


    These are a bit geeky but if you may get a few clues from them.

    Selenium status in patients with aspirin-induced a...[Ann Clin Biochem. 2008] - PubMed Result

    Response of selenium status indicators to suppleme...[Biol Trace Elem Res. 2008] - PubMed Result

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