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Thread: Refusal of Blood Transfusion, Who's Responsible?

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    Refusal of Blood Transfusion, Who's Responsible?

    Who has the responsibility of having patients sign a refusal of blood transfusion form?

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    Refusal of Blood Document

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Casas View Post
    Who has the responsibility of having patients sign a refusal of blood transfusion form?
    Hello Richard,

    This is an interesting question. This is often handled in the natural flow of a surgical admission. This is triggered by the patient stating they would rather not have a blood transfusion. Once their position is clear the hospital must have the patient put their wishes in writing and sign the statement. Hospitals have a standard form for this. This form is often part of the surgical admission packet. That packet becomes the basis for the patients chart.

    Note: The patient is responsible to see that they sign a blood refusal form. Nurses say, "If it isn't in writing it never happened".

    Mr. Jan B. Wade

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    Refusal to receive blood

    At the facilities I provide services to, the authorization to receive or not to receive a blood transfusion is included in the surgical consent form. You must read the consent and have the physician, physician assistant or a nurse available to answer any of your questions before you sign. On the consent form is the choice to receive or not to receive blood during or after the procedure. We also state that we offer alternatives to transfusion on this consent. Make sure your physician and the facility at which you are having the procedure provide these services for you. If not, go somewhere else where they will.
    Mark Lucas, MPS, CCP

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    We have a separate "bloodless" enrollment form/treatment option (alternatives) checklist that a specially trained RN or APN reviews with the patient so he or she can make educated autonomous decisions. We also have a form that explains what the law provides regarding cases in which parents or guardians refuse transfusions on behalf of a minor patient, so there are no surprises should a grave emergency ever occur. (We are a trauma center, and pray the day never comes that blood becomes an issue for an injured child whose parent/guardian refuses transfusions.) Patients must make sure the procedure consent indicates they refuse blood on the surgical consent, too.
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    It is the responsibility of the JW. Not just because he is a JW but it is a individual prayerful matter to Jehovah God and then the decision is made by the patient. It is also for the protection of the Hospitals because by refusing blood and signing this medical directive we are basically saying that it is not the Hospitals fault if we Die. We can't sue you and neither can our family. The form is legal and binding.

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