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Thread: Rh neg blood--how is Rhogam made?

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    Rh neg blood--how is Rhogam made?

    Hi--I have Rh neg blood type-- have had 3 Rh positive pregnancies. Each time I have had a baby ---I have had to decide whether to take the Rhogam shot. I am aware that it is made from blood fractions,the gamma globulins (separated from the plasma by serum protein electolysis). Years ago, I had called the War Memorial Blood Bank, in our local area, asking how Rhogam was produced. From the reply I received-- now,over 20 years ago---my understanding was Rhogam is produced from the donated blood of many Rh neg women, whom had developed antibodies from their Rh positive babies. This was from post World War II women(?)---and the blood was collected and pooled---then the fractions were spun off from the blood to form the passive immunization.

    Does anyone know if this is accurate information on how Rhogam is made today?


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    Same process

    Basically it would be the same process...the Physicians Desk Reference states 'they are manufactured from human plasma containing anti-D...all donors are carefully screened by history and laboratory testing to reduce the risk of transmitting blood-borne pathogens from infected donors. Fractionation of the plasma is performed by a modification of the cold alchohol procedure that has been shown to significantly lower viral titers.' I know some have asked if there is a synthetic anti-D product available, and their answers should be available for you to see if you enter 'anti-D' in the search box above.

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