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Thread: I was getting transfusions every 4-8 weeks...

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    I was getting transfusions every 4-8 weeks...

    I was getting transfusions every 4-8 weeks about 1 1/2 years ago. Then was put on Prednisone and I didn't need one for a whole year. Now my hemoglobin has dropped back down to 6.1 and they are ordering me 2 units of packed red blood radiated every 3-4 weeks. My doctor is saying I have Mylodisplasia even though I don't have all the symptons and my 3 bone marrow biopsies were almost normal. They are trying EPO shots on me every 3 weeks. Is it dangerious to receive transfusions every 3-4 weeks? Do I have any other options? My veins are giving out and scare tissue is building up in them. I'm just so tired, because after the 2 units my blood is still really low. All I do is hear my heart beat in my ears.


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    Blood Management

    Please refer to the link below. You will find it very informative. Their are various questions that you can ask your doctor so you can come to a decision together.

    A Patients Guide to Blood Management / Options

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