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Thread: Is Hysterectomy possible with low hemoglobin (6.8)

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    Is Hysterectomy possible with low hemoglobin (6.8)

    Hello. I am in great need of a complete hysterectomy. I have multiple and large uterine fibroids. I am also very anemic (due to heavy periods n fibroids). The Doctor has put me on medication (megestrol)to stop my period while building my blood thru large amounts of iron, however I continue to bleed. According to my Doctor I may to to proceed with a hysterectomy sooner than planned. My blood level was 5.5 in September. It is now 6.8. How low can my hemoglobin be and still have a bloodless surgery?

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    Who knows?

    My husband had several amputations and cleanings at the OR afterward to remove dead tissue. The last time he was at the OR his Hemoglobin was at 5.2. The lowest it got was 4.8. However, he received Procrit shots weekly, the last two at 60 000 units. He got 5 days of IV Iron and B-Complex pills, but what did the trick was folic acid. Once he started to receive 1 mg. daily, his levels went up really fast. Have they checked ALL your vitamin levels? On the side, I was also giving him chlorophyll mixed with his juices and they gave him 'Ensure' with every meal to make sure his nutrition was covered.

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    It is possible

    If you have a skilled and careful surgeon, it is possible to have this type of operation done with a low hemoglobin if it can be done laparoscopically or with the robot. I have seen cases similiar to yours where they've started the surgery with hgb at 7g/dl, and with minimal blood loss, ended up still in the 6's, and then was able to rebuild blood volume with EPO and iron, folic acid and Vit C & B12. The key is going to be skill and no complications. If you have someone that is skilled using robotic technology, there is even less blood loss, as little as 100cc. Make sure you have a physician that comes highly recommended with this surgery. Hope you are sucessful with your surgery.

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    Sounds good

    Thank you both for the response. Good information. I have not had my vitamin levels checked but will look into it.

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    This is not my specialty, so take this with a grain of salt.

    Other measures that might help:
    • (topical) progesterone. Apply daily until bleeding controlled. Then for first three weeks of each month.
    • read about xeno-estrogens and learn how to avoid them
    • take a good pancreatic enzyme between meals
    • optimize your vitamin D level
    • have your PT / PTT checked. Take a vitamin K supplement if at all prolonged
    • have your fasting insulin level tested. Address if at all elevated.
    Joseph T. Malak, MD

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    My sister had to have an emergency hysterectomy in 2001 (she was 23). Her blood count was 4.6 before surgery -they didnt test after as they said she needed every drop she had left.
    The HLC was amazing and explained a new procedure (new back then anyway, surgical advancements have been huge since) and advised the use of EPO with iron to boost her count post-op.
    Only her ovaries were left, due to her age.
    She survived, against the odds and is still unstoppable.
    ... on a side note, cancer was found in the post-op assessment of her womb. If she'd given in and had blood and hormones like the hospital tried to force her, the cancer would more than likely have spread system-wide before it was found!

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