Good Morning

I was browsing the internet trying to get information on bloodless surgery in South Africa. I found this website. My mum has been ill with an Hb of 2 during december. Our experience was very horrific and the pressure to have a transfusion great. As a medically trained person i was very shocked at the stance that was taken with my mum. I was trained in South Africa and worked here 6 years before moving to the UK. I am proud of my training here and the ethics which we were taught. This unfortunately has not been my experience during a nightmarish christmas period.

My mother has multiple myeloma. When she was diagnosed in November 2010 we were told that the disease was caught very early and no organs were involved. She was though losing a lot of albumin in her urine. She was put on Thalidomide; warfarin and dexomethosone. She started having dark stools almost immediately; she was reassured not to worry about this and on 17 dec when she went for her first check up after a month on treatment her Hb was very low and she had GIT bleeding.

To cut a long story short; she was discharged last week with swollen RHS upper and lower extremities. Her refusal to accept blood has made treating her difficult for the oncologist attending to her. Fortunately as she had to go on holiday while my mum was hospitalised ; mum was left in the care of a pulmonologist; This is because she had gone into respiratory failure and renal failure ; he claimed he was told not to use EPO on mum; my brother a GP insisted and this seems to have helped as her Hb was 5 when she was discharged on wednesday last week.

I really need her to be transferred to the care of an oncologist/ team of practitioners who will not interpret her no blood stance as a need to be a Jehovah's Witness matyr. I know my mum loves life and has a strong will to live. She cooperates with her medical overseers and does not cause any problems. Her only request is that no blood transfusions be undertaken.

Are you in any position to help, or point me in the right direction?