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Thread: The Blood Option ( Bloodless ) video

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    Feb 2012

    Thumbs up The Blood Option ( Bloodless ) video

    I have received permission to upload the 2010 Caucus NJ show A Healthy You: The Blood Option
    It has been uploaded in 4 parts of less than 7 minutes each ( YouTube posts wrong length )
    The following link takes you to part 1.
    The rest of parts are in description/more of part 1 and should also be available at the top.
    Negative comments will Not be allowed as this is a Positive & very informative news 26 + minute discussion.
    The Blood Option.part1-4.mp4 - YouTube
    if link doesn't work YouTube user name is pnutts27 plus Larry-Admin may post it on front page.
    Just a side note - you May be able to watch it in 1 part at CaucusNJ dot org website. I no longer can get it to play
    which is why I asked for permission to upload it.

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    Feb 2012
    Finally got The Blood Option as 2 videos. I left in the sponsor info at start of part 1 with added copyright and same of part 2. Total length is almost 27 minutes.
    part 1 The Blood Option.part1.mp4 - YouTube
    part 2 The Blood Option.part2.mp4 - YouTube

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