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Thread: New member - Hello PROTHROMBINEX and Cryoprecipitate

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    New member - Hello PROTHROMBINEX and Cryoprecipitate

    Hello everybody, I've just joined.
    I was wondering if anyone knows if PROTHROMBINEX and Cryoprecipitate combined will have the same effect on coagulation as FFP?
    The ICU doctors were quite insistent that FFP was the only option however, once the patient made it clear that it won't accept FFP they offered PROTHROMBINEX and Cryoprecipitate.



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    The combination contains many but not all of the components of FFP. The ability of any product or component to restore normal coagulation is dependent on the underlying deficiency. I am not sure of the circumstances that led the intensivists to believe FFP was indicated, so there is no way to tell whether the combination would have been just as efficacious as FFP. PROTHROMBINEX contains concentrated factor IX, factor II, factor X and low level of factor VII. Cryopreciptate contains Factors VIII, vWF, fibrinogen, XIII, and fibronectin. FFP contains the majority of all known factors, but essentially no cells or platelets. In addition to the coagulation factors, FFP also contains approximately 500 mg of fibrinogen. The fibrinogen in 1 unit of FFP is approximately equal to the amount of fibrinogen found in 2 units of cryoprecipitate.

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    Thank you DeFilippis,

    The information is very useful. The intensivist was a new registrar and he was concearned about the patient bleeding internally from ulcers/tumors in his stomach. There has been no bleeding so far.

    After consultation with a more experienced team member he settled on Cryo and Prothrombinex. The haematologist informed me today that it's the next best thing to FFP in this situation.

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