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Thread: Descriptive labels of ingredients, on pharmaceutical items.

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    Descriptive labels of ingredients, on pharmaceutical items.

    Please forgive my lack of knowledge. I am not a medic. However, I am really doing my best to understand more fully, blood fractions, use of and my own conscience.

    Medications etc, usually are provided in some form of packaging with directions for use and notes of the ingredients. I assume that as most pharmaceuticals are available world-wide. The labels etc will be much the same. For a layman. What wording/names would indicate that the preparation contains blood fragments.
    Thank you.

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    Yes the package inserts for pharmaceuticals will inform you in regards to the preparation process in making the particular drug. Some things used in surgery, for instance Albumin, you would rarely have the opportunity or access to read the package insert. Package inserts, in very small print, will say derived from human plasma. Human plasma is 91% water, and the protein fractions that travel through your vessels can be separated from the plasma to be used in medications and some vaccines.

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    Thank you for the couple of replies. Here in the UK. Especially questions asked of professional bodies on the subject of Blood, blood fractions etc. definitely seem to be laughed at or totally ignored.

    Would it be too much to ask the medically qualified members of the forum. Could you come up with a template request, that we could download and send to pharmaceutical manufacturers, requesting info on this subject?

    Personally. I consider 'Blood' to be exactly that. Divisions, extracts, fractions etc. Blood is blood.


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