I fell from bike and my radius and ulna are broken, was taken to ER and was diagnosed to have Monteggia's fracture, doctor said I should have a surgery to fix it. So I had a surgery, then few days later I took a x-ray. I noticed there is something weird on the x-ray, but at that time I haven't had a chance to ask the doctor because he was on vacation and be back weeks later and only assistant nurse is available.
I am worried since I saw a "small thing" (see the red circled area) that looks different from the screws that are used to hold my radius and ulna, also it is located outside of the area of fracture (please see the pic before surgery, only radius and ulna had a fracture, whereas the humerus doesn't have any fracture. I hope it is not something that they left behind due to negligence during surgery.

Can somebody please enlighten me what kind of thing is it or have any idea of it or can direct me to who/where to find more info of it (the one in the red circled area), any help or advice is greatly appreciated: