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Thread: Blood quarantined at 2 Quebec hospitals

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    Blood quarantined at 2 Quebec hospitals

    Surgeries cancelled at major Montreal hospitals over possible blood-supply contamination

    Elective and heart operations have been delayed as about half of Quebec’s blood-transfusion supply falls under ‘don’t use’ edict

    MONTREAL — Elective surgery and heart operations set for Thursday have been cancelled at several major hospitals in Montreal as the fallout from a possible bacterial contamination of the blood supply continues to widen.

    Louise Ayotte, acting interim assistant director of the Montreal Health and Social Services Agencies, told reporters emergency surgery continues at all hospitals Thursday, and elective operations scheduled for Friday have not been cancelled at this point.

    But she said the agency is “evaluating the situation constantly.”

    Ayotte said day surgery and heart surgery scheduled for Thursday has been called off at the McGill University Health Centre, the Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal, Santa Cabrini Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital and the Institut de cardiologie de Montréal.

    About half of Quebec’s blood-transfusion supply has been placed under a “don’t-use” edict by Héma-Québec, while it conducts tests for possible bacterial contamination.


    Other news link on this story

    Quebec agency quarantines 70% of blood supply
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    Article mentions that they are gonna exam the blood and if they don't find anything "wrong" with it, it will be returned to the hospitals. Are they grazy? Anyway, I wouldn't take any blood because of my concience. But, money talks again.Wonder if those people who think it might be ok would take the transfusion with this blood. I don't think so! But of course it doesn't really matter for them because they aren't taking it themselves.. Sickening feeling!!

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